Introduction: Welcome to the world of WangDangDula!

Welcome to the deepest, the darkest and the most unexplored side of rock’n’roll jungle!

Ok, what you’re going to find here is simply loads and loads of information on “original” rock’n’roll, blues and rhythm’n’blues, mostly dating back to the 1950’s and the 1960’s. Basically all this stuff has been compiled as a hobby and primarily for my own private purposes and pleasure, but sure, I do hope that there are other people as well who might find the contents of this website useful and educational, perhaps even slightly entertaining.

I don’t consider myself an actual music expert. In any case, what it comes to discographical research, I’ll of course intend to be as comprehensive as I can. On the contrary, what I’m very aware of, is a number of errors and absences that still exist in my studies – and while I’m trying to do my best to get rid of them, please keep in mind that also a helping hand will always be valuable, needed and appreciated. In other words, if you have anything to add or to correct, don’t hesitate to contact me either by e-mail or using the comments form located underneath every separate WDD listing and blog post.

Please do also note that I don’t necessarily own all the records that are listed here. The main idea of Wang Dang Dula is to give you highly detailed recording/releasing data of an ever-growing group of more or less unordinary artists and bands – from an independent record collector’s view, obviously. Therefore, I’m not selling anything. I’m not trading anything. I’m not advertising anything or anyone. I have no association with the record labels mentioned here. I do not burn cd-rom copies for anyone. I do not send mp3 files to anyone. I’m not suggesting you to purchase any bootleg or pirate releases either – and I really don’t know where anyone would be able to get them. If you are interested in buying some of these items, then just do so by being in touch with the actual record dealers and companies, or by trying your luck with some of those various online auctions and other web market places that are trading music worldwide.

The domain was launched in 2005. However, the web page itself has been around – on several different network platforms – already since 1998, which makes it one of the oldest still active roots music oriented discography sites in our universe. The time-consuming process of transferring old data to this new WordPress template is currently underway. Do note that the previous “MBnet site” still exists as well, but it won’t be updated anymore.

Pete Hoppula, the author

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2 Responses to Introduction: Welcome to the world of WangDangDula!

  1. Brent Higinbotham says:

    Hey Pete, can I still access (somehow) the old site?

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